Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Going the distances: The long and short between LDS temples
The distance between the LDS Church's Boise Idaho Temple and new Meridian Idaho Temple is a mere 8.8 miles. What is the shortest distance between two temples? Between two located outside of Utah? And between two outside of the United States?
Bradley H. Slade, BYU Magazine
Father of contemporary Mormon fiction Douglas Thayer dies at 88
Mormon novelist Douglas Thayer died Tuesday afternoon at his home in Provo, with the surrounding mountains, canyons and waterways having played prominent roles in his stories and novels.
Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Sunday School general president: 'How can I receive more revelation in my life?'
Brother Tad R. Callister, Sunday School general president, answers the question "how can I receive more revelation in my life?"