Danno Nell
After 14 years, this Utah filmmaker's dream is finally coming to Megaplex Theatres
“I remember being on the phone with my mom and I was bawling. I'm like, why — why is it so hard? I just want to make this movie. We just want to make this movie. Why is it so hard?"
Kieran O'Donovan, Disneynature
Movie review: Adorable Disney doc 'Penguins' has Ed Helms, stunning Antarctic landscape and '80s rock
The Disneynature series is the perfect solution for anyone who is squeamish about the sight of an animal eating another animal for lunch. This is nature, Disney-fied.
Movie review: Aretha Franklin doc 'Amazing Grace' is both amazing and full of grace
For fans of gospel music, R&B, and good documentaries, “Amazing Grace” is a musical gift just in time for Easter.