Provided by Clement Hanami
Utah's Japan Festival on the hunt for history — and you could be the key
Look out: Taiko drummers are taking to the streets of Salt Lake City.
Phillip Monson
For Earth Day, 3 nature photographers share why the perfect Instagram shot may not be great for the environment
“Social media is a double-edged sword, right? On one hand, it's caused a lot of these issues that we're experiencing. But on the other hand, it can be used for good and to reach a lot of people in a fairly simple and easy way," Phillip Monson said.
Douglas Carter
In 'Matilda,' Hale Centre Theatre's young cast proves that 'even if you're little, you can do a lot'
As HCT prepares to present more than 65 performances of "Matilda" over the next two months, the responsibility of carrying the show rests on some very slight shoulders.