Sgt. Corey Allinson of the Park City Police Department talks about mass shootings and the importance of being prepared. Read more
Sunday, March 11 2018 11:27 p.m. MDT
About one-third of the 123 underclassmen who have declared for the NFL draft will go undrafted next month — and yet NCAA rules prohibit them from returning to their college teams. Read more
Tuesday, March 13 2018 3:20 p.m. MDT
A win against New York is important to Salt Lakers on a lot of levels -- even shopworn ones. Read more
Saturday, March 17 2018 11:02 p.m. MDT
Cougar passing game coordinator Aaron Roderick, receivers coach Fesi Sitake and tight ends coach Steve Clark have camaraderie, realize they're all in this together, and have each other's Read more
Friday, March 16 2018 12:45 p.m. MDT
It may seem that small-town basketball has nothing to do with Olympic competition, but in all the ways that matter, they are almost identical. Read more
Sunday, March 4 2018 9:22 p.m. MST
Group fitness instructors aren't machines. We have our off days and pet peeves. Read more
Sunday, March 4 2018 3:10 p.m. MST
The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments concerning the constitutionality of measures that California's government has taken to compel pro-life entities to speak against their own Read more
Sunday, March 18 2018 3:10 p.m. MDT
Read more
Thursday, March 15 2018 9:00 a.m. MDT
I'd love it if my kids could avoid life's flubs, embarrassments and heartache. They can't, any more than I did when I was young. A better aim might be to tackle the downs with Nathan Read more
Wednesday, Feb. 21 2018 9:00 a.m. MST
The critiques of the legislature are akin to criticisms of the loud partygoer who shouts outrageous insults, but sometimes even the obnoxious say things that need to be said. Read more
Sunday, March 18 2018 9:00 a.m. MDT
She can't stop talking about what happened. She wrote an entire book about it. Now she's telling people in other countries about why she should have won. Read more
Sunday, March 18 2018 11:00 a.m. MDT
Parents and teenagers live in different worlds. If men are from Mars and women from Venus, teenagers are from Andromeda. It may be a small world after all, but at times, the distance Read more
Friday, March 9 2018 12:15 p.m. MST
A clay seal bearing the name of Judah's King Hezekiah has been found in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park, directly south of the Temple Mount. Another seal, found less than 10 feet Read more
Thursday, March 8 2018 7:00 a.m. MST
My brow was sweaty and my palms sticky the first time I shook hands with Utah Jazz owner, billionaire and philanthropist Gail Miller, wife of the late Larry H. Miller. Read more
Tuesday, March 6 2018 10:00 a.m. MST
Emma lost her first baby and her newborn twins — and then one of the adopted twins. In the midst of persecution, anguish, fear and uncertainty, Emma and Joseph suffered their Read more
Sunday, March 4 2018 8:30 a.m. MST
The truth is as long as our bodies and minds are working we are never too old. God gave us a brain to create a life out of the resources available to us. Read more
Wednesday, Feb. 21 2018 12:00 p.m. MST
Amy Choate-Nielsen successfully makes eclairs for her husband's birthday every year, but she learned the most last year when her attempts turned into a disaster. Read more
Wednesday, March 14 2018 8:30 a.m. MDT
I never appreciated the difference in raising girls and boys until I had an active little guy of my own. Read more
Wednesday, March 14 2018 3:10 p.m. MDT
Most of us parents will say without hesitation that our children are our top priority. But we live in a world with so many distractions and so many things competing for our attention Read more
Wednesday, March 14 2018 10:00 a.m. MDT
Dave Ramsey is asked about buying a supplemental insurance that protects against layoffs. Dave says to remember that every insurance company is a business. Read more
Wednesday, March 14 2018 11:30 a.m. MDT