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Adam Wooten is CEO of <a href="" target="_blank">AccuLing</a>, a translation services company he co-founded with technology developer Western Standard. He also teaches a course on translation technology at <a href="" TARGET="_blank">Brigham Young University</a> and has taught similar courses at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. A frequent writer and speaker on global business topics, Adam attempts to use humor in his Friday columns to illustrate lessons on international business, language and culture. After beginning his language industry career a decade ago as a Spanish-English translator and interpreter, Adam's interests and expertise soon led him into management, technology and marketing roles. Adam earned his BA in Spanish Translation from BYU and completed both his MA Translation and MBA International Management at MIIS. After spending most of his life in Northern and Southern California, he now lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah, with his wife of ten years and their two young children.
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