George Bush campaigned in Michael Dukakis' back yard and said he shares the traditional values of the Greek-American community from which the Massachusetts governor hails. Dukakis, describing Bush's pledge to appoint a Hispanic to his Cabinet as too little and too late, said Americans are "tired of waiting for opportunity to trickle down" from a privileged few.

The two candidates also sparred from a distance over taxes, as Dukakis on Thursday accused the vice president of abandoning "ironclad commitments" and favoring $7 billion in new taxes.Dukakis, on a six-state Western swing, started the day with a rally at the post office straddling the Arkansas-Texas state line at Texarkana.

Bush flew to Atlanta Friday for a pep talk to a GOP unity dinner.

Jesse Jackson, meanwhile, traveled to Dallas Friday for a meeting with Dukakis aides, his campaign said. The Dukakis camp is still negotiating with Jackson's forces over the civil rights leader's plan to pursue as many as 13 minority planks at the convention in Atlanta July 18.

Earlier Thursday, while still in Boston, Dukakis said Bush had broken his pledge to oppose any new taxes. He said Bush supported a provision of the trade bill that calls for $1 billion in taxes for job training programs and catastrophic health care legislation that included $6 billion in taxes on elderly people who opt for the comprehensive care.

Bush responded in Boston by referring to Dukakis' recent signing of a state cigarette tax and his support for another measure raising taxes.