IRA guerrillas Friday shelled two police stations and mistakenly hit a school and several houses. A British soldier was killed by a bomb blast near a pool where two people were slain earlier, police said.

The Irish Republican Army said one of its fighters, Seamus Woods, 22, died in a mortar attack on a police station at Pomeroy in County Tyrone. Police said his body was found in a field alongside a tractor-trailer used in the attack.Six people suffered minor injuries when a mortar raid on a second police station in Stewartson, about 10 miles from Pomeroy, went astray and damaged a primary school and several houses, police said. They said 80 families were evacuated.

The IRA claimed reponsibilty for the attacks.

The IRA said the bombing of a swimming pool in west Belfast on Thursday evening was an "operation that went tragically wrong." The outlawed group said in a statement to Belfast media that the bomb, which killed two civilians, was accidentally triggered by one of its men.

The British soldier, a bomb disposal expert, was killed only yards from the pool where he was involved in clean-up operations, police said.