Yumi Kajikura, of Matsumoto, Japan, has received a $1,000 Eisenhower International Scholarship to study communications at the University of Utah.

Kajikura, who graduated from the Musashino Women's College in Tokyo with a degree in American Literature and English, moved to Salt Lake City 21/2 years ago. She acts as a liaison between Salt Lake City and Matsumoto, to facilitate the two cities' sister relationship.She has worked for the mayor's office in Matsumoto and as a writer for a Japanese magazine. She has also published free-lance articles about Salt Lake and Matsumoto in Japanese and Utah newspapers.

"The purpose was to come here to get something to write," she said. "I think I want to write my experience here."

The Eisenhower International Scholarship program was established through Sister Cities International to provide funds to international students attending universities in the United States. The fund is supported by proceeds of the Eisenhower International Golf Classic held during May in Tyler, Texas.

Kajikura is one of 10 recipients to receive scholarships in the first year of the program.