Provo may have fireworks and Salt Lake City may have the Days of '47 Parade, but no one can say Spanish Fork lacks holiday spirit.

They might, however, question the choice of holidays."That's the No. 1 question I've been getting all week," said Page Harrison, Spanish Fork city councilman, at Wednesday's council meeting. "What are the Christmas decorations doing up?"

"I don't know what they're complaining about," said Councilwoman Thora Shaw. "We're only 51/2 months ahead of schedule. Or are we 61/2 behind?"

"Only 120 shopping days left until Christmas," said a man in the audience. (He was wrong. There are 171, assuming you can find a store open on Sundays.)

"They were just having a little fun," said David Oyler, city administrator, who seemed mildly embarrassed by the whole discussion. "It's only one decoration, and they only put it up because they wanted to weld a pipe onto a street light and needed to make sure the decoration would still fit. It's no big deal."

Then why were council members making such a fuss?

"They thought it was funny," Oyler said. "You just don't put up Christmas decorations in July."

The red and gold candlesticks will come down soon to make way for a Fiesta Days banner.

"Only 15 shopping days left to Fiesta Days," said a man leaving the meeting.