Republican congressional candidate Richard Snelgrove has asked his Democratic opponent to support the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate House Speaker Jim Wright, D-Texas.

But a spokesman for Rep. Wayne Owens, the lone Democrat in Utah's congressional delegation, said the ongoing investigation into allegations of conflicts of interests was "thorough."During an appearance outside the downtown Federal Building, Snelgrove read a statement urging Owens to ask for a special prosecutor, then delivered a letter to the congressman's second-floor office.

In his statement, Snelgrove said he deplored "the `sleaze factor' climate that exists today," among Republicans as well as Democrats. He said that because Congress is unable to police itself, an independent counsel should be appointed to investigate the speaker's financial dealings.

Owens' spokesman, Art Kingdom, said that the congressman was satisfied with the way the investigation was progressing.

"There's nothing being held back and nothing being hidden," said Kingdom. "Wayne sees the ongoing investigation as thorough."