Warrants and subpoenas issued by South Jordan justice of the peace court will be served by Don J. Smith Constable Service under a contract awarded by the City Council.

The city will pay the company $40 for each warrant and $15 for each subpoena successfully served by a company deputy. City Administrator Richard N. Warne said the city has budgeted $5,000 for the service but the amount actually spent will depend on the number of warrants and subpoenas actually served.Warne said the service will not cost taxpayers, since the amount paid to the company will be recovered as an additional charge on fines and forfeitures assessed by the court.

Under present city ordinances, a person cited by South Jordan Police has 14 days to appear in court to challenge the citation or to post bail which is then forfeited in lieu of a court-imposed fine. If the person cited fails to meet the 14-day requirement a letter is sent notifying the person of failure to appear and informing them that an additional $20 is being added to the bail requirement.

If a person fails to respond to the letter, an arrest warrant is issued by the court. The constable serving the warrant has the option of collecting the bail and additional fees and settling the citation or taking the person to jail.

Warne said seven companies made presentations to the council prior to the selection of Smith.