State, local and federal officials are contributing to a goat population explosion in the Tusher Mountains of central Utah.

Nine goats recently were transplanted from Olympic National Park in Washington as part of a reintroduction effort in the range that borders Beaver, Piute and Sevier counties.Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, U.S. Forest Service and local wildlife federations cooperated in getting the six nannies and three billies to Utah.

Only one kid has been born in the herd.

The Tushar goats, the southernmost herd in Utah, are mature and several of the animals received this year are also ready for mating, wildlife manager Norm Bowden said.

The animals spend summers in ranges up to 12,000 feet and winters from 9,000 to 9,500 feet, and Bow-den said the herd will do well in the Tushars.