So you chew nails in your spare time, rip phone books in half for amusement and could rampage through the onion fields of California without a tear. Here's one challenge the toughest of the tough will crumple at: Ask Jan Bates of Questar to show you the Camp Kostopulous video and try not to cry (but take a man-sized hankie along).

Camp Kostopulos is magical mountain hideaway where children who have physical or mental handicaps can spend a week in Emigration Canyon just having fun. Questar has produced a video showing the children and volunteers at camp.Louie Armstrong's classic song "(It's A) Wonderful World" is reprised over and over as expressions of delight, joy and exuberance race across the faces of children who don't usually have a lot to smile about. Wheelchairs are left behind for a lofty perch aboard a gentle horse that meanders through the mountain scenery of Emigration Canyon. Holding on tightly behind each child to make the journey safe is a friend who volunteers time to make these kinds of dreams come true.

Children with disabilities find the luxuries in life a little too dear. For parents who must pay for therapy and doctor's visits and operations, vacations in the mountains or horseback riding trips are simply out of the question. Can you imagine what it's like for a handicapped child to catch his first fish from the bridge over a mountain stream? Again a friend is near to help put the wiggling worm on the hook and assist in catching that big one.

No matter what the handicap, Camp Kostopulos can give a child an experience of a lifetime in a setting that is so beautiful that physical restraints are forgotten for a time. This local enterprise is being supported in an annual fund-raiser that promises to be one of the summer's liveliest events: The Camp Kostopulos Canyon Carnival July 9 from 12 noon to 5 p.m.

For $5 you gain entrance to the carnival and receive tickets for: fabulous food (from Ruth's Diner and the Sante Fe Restaurant), for face painting or a photograph. You can decorate cookies, play games, and dance to the music of the Disgusting Brothers. You can even see a chairman of the board take a dive - into the dunking tank. Local politics will also get "cleaned up" when Randy Horiuchi and Art Monson take a turn in the dunking booth. You'll see lots of folks line up for that event!

Under the chairmanship of Jan Bates of Ques-tar, local corporations have been working for months to make this carnival even better than last year's. (Said Bates, "Last year the people were having such a great time, they wouldn't go home when it was over!")

Taking part in sponsoring and organizing the carnival are Questar, Ruth's Diner/Sante Fe Restaurant, members of the Salt Lake Corporate Volunteer Council, Citibank, First Interstate Bank, Hercules, US WEST (Mountain Bell), Unisys, Utah Power & Light and Northwest Pipeline Co.

Putting in countless hours for the carnival were: Bob Nielsen, Mountain Fuel; Jan Bates and Sue Maxwell, Questar; Roxann Webb, Hercules; Eve Mary Verde, US WEST (Mountain Bell); Carolyn Rowse, Unisys; and May Fernandez, Utah Power & Light.

Take a nice drive Saturday up Emigration Canyon and while you're having a good time at the carnival, you'll help send another child to Camp Kostopulos.