Firefighters on Friday finally licked a stubborn 1,400-acre brush and forest fire, that had raged through brush, scrub oak and Ponderosa pine since June 19.

Chief Park Ranger Bob Andrew said most of the 320 people who battled the blaze and practically all their equipment would start being removed Saturday. He said about 20 local people could be called back immediately if the fire, which is not expected to burn itself out for another 30 days, gets out of control again.One woman firefighter from Price was injured slightly when she tripped Wednesday night on a smoke shrouded hillside and hurt her ankle, Andrew said. She was the only casualty at Zion.

A 3,500-acre fire that started Wednesday on BLM land near Beryl, Iron County, at the Nevada border is under control, according to Pete Hansen of the Interagency Fire Center in Salt Lake City.

Firefighters were making good progress battling a 650-acre fire in Echo Canyon, 10 miles northeast of Coalville. Hansen said he expected that fire to be contained late Friday night or Saturday morning and controlled by Saturday afternoon or evening.