After a week off and some much needed rest for injured players, the Utah Warriors will do battle on the road this weekend.

The 5-1 (3-1 in the Pacific West Division) Warriors will endure a 20-hour bus trip to North Dakota where they will play division foe the Bismarck Roughriders (4-3) today.

Utah coach Lee Leslie said the Warriors' contest with Bismarck will be a challenge, but especially for team quarterback Danny Ragsdale. The Roughriders are Ragsdale's former team.

"They will probably be bad-mouthing him during the game," Leslie said. "But he's excited to play."

Ragsdale's friend and former backup QB Chris Schwab will anchor the Bismarck offense, and Leslie said Schwab is a solid player.

"He's not Danny, but he's good, and they have some weapons," Leslie said.

Leslie said Utah won't change what's been working for it offensively as it looks to spread the field and expose vulnerable spots in the Roughrider defense.

Utah is coming off a bye week and a 91-70 win over the Austin Rockers.

Despite not being issued a locker room for the game, the Warriors thrashed the Rockers with an aerial attack. Ragsdale finished the game completing 26 of 36 passes for 334 yards and nine touchdowns.

"We expected to get the 91, but we didn't expect to give up 70," Leslie said.

Utah will have linebacker Kautai Oleveo back for the game in Bismarck.

Oleveo broke his arm in the first play of the season. Shawn Kojima and Rob Love are also expected to play despite separated shoulders.

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