Chet Seeley won UP&L's 1988 Electric Contest recently with his use of a calorimeter to burn waste materials.

Seeley, a ninth-grade student at the Joel P. Jensen Middle School in West Jordan, won $100 for his "Best of Show" entry. His entry was selected from among 90 entries submitted by 130 students in the Salt Lake area.

Seeley demonstrated how many calories could be produced by the incineration of various types of waste.

The contest's challenge was to have students demonstrate innovative ways to produce electricity and use it wisely.

First, second- and third-place winners were also chosen in each of the seventh, eighth and ninth grades. They received $75, $50 and $25 respectively.

The ninth-grade winners are: Ryan Monson and Kent Minson, Midvale Middle School; Scott Robertson and Paul Isom, Valley Junior High; and Richard Warby, Joel P. Jensen Middle School.

The eighth-grade winners are: Keith Van Maren, Midvale Middle School; Ian Martin and Jesse Gutierrez, Joel P. Jensen Middle School; and Michael George Auer, St. Vincent Middle School.

The seventh-grade winners are: Annette Atkinson, Valley Junior High; David Babcock, Joel P. Jensen Middle School and Karla McNett, Joel P. Jensen Middle School.