"He's a tremendous man. . . He brings a lot to the game, he makes you come out and play hard every night. He's probably the best guard to ever play the game, the best point guard to ever play the game."

— Sacramento Kings guard Bobby Jackson

"I'll miss him. I'll miss him a lot. He was one of those guys that wasn't afraid to throw a pass. Even if he didn't have a space big enough to get the ball through, he'd give it a whirl."

— Jazz center Greg Ostertag, teammate for eight seasons

"When I wasn't playing with him, when I watched him on TV, I always knew he was a great player and could pass the ball, and always respected the way he played the game. Now that I've played with him, you earn more respect for him. I mean, he comes out to play every day, and he's a warrior. He's been doing this a long time. And it's hard to get up every day. For a guy my age (26) it's hard to get up every day and do it, but he's doing it as his age (41), and that's even harder."

— Jazz forward Matt Harpring, after hearing the news

"The fact Stockton did not win a championship does not detract in the slightest from his great career, and anyone who suggests it did lacks the clear understanding of the value of teamwork that Stockton may have understood better than anyone who ever played."

Mike Monroe, FOXSports.com

"We're not going to see another one. They broke the mold when they played John Stockton."

— former Utah Jazz coach/executive Frank Layden on KFNZ

"He's probably the best pure point guard to play the game . . . He's about efficiency and making people better. That's why he's played for 19 years."

— former NBA guard and current TNT studio host Kenny Smith

"I know everybody always talks about Michael Jordan, but there is nobody that ever competed better than John Stockton."

— former BYU/NBA star and current TV broadcaster Danny Ainge

"I've always said that John Stockton is one of the five best players I ever played against."

— former NBA star and current TNT studio host Charles Barkley

"In my opinion, John Stockton was the greatest. I had the opportunity to see what he was about every single game."

— Jazz coach Jerry Sloan

"He's had a great career, and I know I say this all the time, but I think people in the state of Utah won't understand the impact of his career until he's gone for a couple of years. It was an honor to play with him."

— former Jazz center Mark Eaton, now a Jazz broadcaster.