Preliminary figures from Mexico's presidential election show the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate winning, but with the lowest margin in its six decades in office.

Federal Electoral Commission figures obtained from a reliable source show Carlos Salinas de Gortari with 47.4 percent of the 4.5 million votes counted so far. Cuauhtemoc Cardenas of the leftist National Democratic Front was second with 26.7 percent and Manuel J. Clouthier of the conservative National Action Party third with 20.7 percent.The 4.5 million votes counted are out of 11.7 million ballots reported so far to the commission. Mexico has 38 million registered voters but no figures are available on how many voted in Wednesday's election.

In addition to the presidency, 64 Senate seats and 500 in the newly expanded Chamber of Deputies are at stake.

A final vote count is not expected until Sunday.