Utah Department of Transportation officials are studying bids to construct the third access route on I-70 in Sevier County. A contract is expected to be awarded soon.

Construction is under way on two other access routes, and the department hasn't yet called for bids on the fourth and last one.A Richfield contractor, JNT Construction, submitted the low bid of $494,256 to surface the Sevier Junction connector access road from U.S. 89 to I-70 at Sevier Junction. Some modification of the existing intersection of U-4 and temporary I-70 (U.S. 89) will also be included.

The bid was about $35,000 more than the engineer's estimate. Only two bids were received.

Work is progressing on access roads at the south Richfield and Joseph interchanges. Bids have not been called for on the access road at the Elsinore interchange.

Opening of another section of I-70, from Richfield to Belnap in Clear Creek Canyon, is expected soon. Erection of signs and painting of highway lanes are nearly complete. UDOT hasn't announced a date for opening, however.

Crews are working on overpass and bridge structures on I-70 between Richfield and Sigurd. Most other work has been completed on this, the last section of I-70 to be finished.

The last section will open in the fall of 1989.