Gov. Mario Cuomo made good on a campaign dare to play reporter for a day, toting a tape recorder and reporter's notebook while covering his own lieutenant governor.

"It was fun. I'd like to do more of it," Cuomo said Tuesday after writing a story for the Jamestown Post-Journal. "I won't, but I'd like to."Cuomo's cub reporter job came out of a dare made nearly two years ago by a Post-Journal columnist after the governor clashed with journalists covering his re-election campaign.

The governor was hardly the ordinary beat reporter as he was chauffeured from his state plane in a 10-car motorcade to cover his own lieutenant governor, Stan Lundine, who willingly answered all of his boss's questions at a news conference.

The paper's editors had Cuomo cover Lundine, a former Jamestown mayor, presenting a check for $4 million in state aid to keep a local auto parts maker from leaving New York.