Here are the bills considered by Tuesday's special legislative session:

HOUSE BILLS:HB1 _ Amends the insurance code, including provisions dealing with motor clubs, service licensing and personal injury protection, among other things. Passed both houses.

HB2 _ Requires the governor's budget to be based on current fiscal year tax laws and rates. Passed both houses.

HB3 _ Reinstates a $3,000 limit to the employers re-insurance fund. Passed both houses.

HB4 _ Provides for six rather than five school districts to participate in the block grant program. Passed both houses.

HB5 _ Sets the reporting threshold for corporations making political contributions at $750, same as PACs. Passed both houses.

HB6 _ Appropriates $3 million of the surplus for education. Passed both houses.

HB7 _ Appropriates $7 million of the surplus for education. Passed both houses.

HB8 _ Makes technical amendments to state military law. Passed both houses.

HB9 _ Provides procedures for AIDS testing and reporting for the benefit of emergency medical providers. Passed both houses.

HJR1 _ Provides for a committee to study funding proposals to bring a large chemical company _ the rocket-fuel firm whose plant exploded in Henderson, Nevada, this year _ to the Cedar City area. Passed both houses.


SB1 _ Requires out-of-state contractors to meet their home state's bid preference standards in bidding on Utah jobs. Passed both houses.

SB2 _ Gov. Norm Bangerter's tax rebate/re-duction package. Passed both houses.

SB3 _ Staggers the terms of the State Land Board. Passed both houses.

SB4 _ A bill implementing a change in Utah's constitutional bail requirements. Passed both houses.

SB5 _ Conforms Utah's outdoor advertising law with federal law. Passed both houses.

SB6 _ Sets out required AIDS reporting. Passed in Senate, failed in House.

SB7 _ Helps withholding of mineral lease producers' taxes. Passed both houses.

SB8 _ Eliminates $5 court filing fee in a number of filings. Passed both houses.

SB9 _ Provides for an additional $10 million for education out of the $20 million allocated to the "rainy day fund." Received only preliminary approval in the Senate, failed to pass.

SJR1 _ Makes small changes to the bail constitutional amendment. Passed both houses.