A lawyer for Donald Rochon, the black FBI agent accusing colleagues of racial harassment, maintains there are files far more damning than the court papers showing white agents in Chicago talked about ways to punish his client.

"There are other documents from the FBI's own internal investigation showing circumstantial evidence linking (white agents) to the most explicit death threat," said attorney Adam Thurschwell after the court papers in question were examined Tuesday.Thurschwell said the worst death threat, a typed message to Rochon, warned in vulgar and explicit language that he would be mutilated and his wife would be sexually assaulted following his allegations of racism within the FBI.

An FBI spokesman said Tuesday the bureau had no comment on the matter.

The court papers made public were filed Friday in connection with a civil lawsuit lodged by Rochon against his employer. The suit charges the FBI and several white agents in Chicago and Omaha with violations of civil rights laws and claims Rochon was the victim of a campaign of harassment in Chicago, where he worked from 1984 to 1986. He now works for the FBI in Philadelphia.