Japan Air lines is discussing with Weber State College officials the possibility of bringing Japanese women to the school's Ogden campus to learn secretarial skills and English.

WSC President Stephen Nadauld said that if negotiations are successful, up to 100 Japanese women could be attending the school by April, staying for terms ranging from three months to two years.Japan Air lines is already sponsoring a program under which 60 Japanese teenagers will take three-week courses at Weber later this summer.

It was during contact over that program that the secretarial and English instruction possibilities came up, Nadauld said.

Although sponsored by Japan Air Lines, the secretarial program would be open to all Japanese women, said Richard Ulibarri, WSC's director of continuing education.

Nadauld said there would probably be about 100 slots that would be filled by Japanese women who could choose to attend Weber as full-time students for three, six, 12 or 24 months, depending on how much training they need.

While at Weber, the women would take English classes and live in campus housing, Nadauld said.

"I guess there's a tremendous need in Japan for secretaries with English skills," Nadauld said.

Costs of the program would be defrayed through out-of-state tuition and housing charges, Nadauld said.