As most everyone realizes, the days are warm - and the nights are, too.

On Tuesday and for the past two mornings, high-minimum temperatures have been set at the Salt Lake International Airport, said William J. Alder, meteorologist in charge of the National Weather Service.Tuesday morning's low was 72, with the previous high-minimum, 71, being recorded in 1952. Monday it was 71, with a previous high-minimum of 69 in 1985; and 73 Saturday. The previous high-minimum for that date was set in 1986.

Alder said Saturday's high of 100 degrees tied for the record-high temperature on that date. The previous high was set July 2, 1961.

The only sign of thundershowers in Tuesday's forecast is for the Four Corners area. Otherwise, dry, windy weather is expected to prevail. But windy conditions may drop off by Thursday.

An area of low barometric pressure on the West Coast could possibly usher in slightly cooler temperatures, in the upper 80s, by Thursday. But temperatures are likely to rise again to the 90s during the remainder of the week, Alder said.