A former employee of the Salt Lake County attorney's office filed a new sexual harassment lawsuit Tuesday against former county attorney Ted Cannon and the office.

Debra Tueller Sauers filed the U.S. District Court suit against Cannon and the Salt Lake County Commission.From July to September 1986, Cannon sexually harassed her, the suit says.

"Mr. Cannon later pleaded no contest to assaulting me," the suit says.

It adds that the present county attorney, David Yocom, who replaced Cannon, discriminated against her. She was fired in retaliation for bringing grievances against the county as well as for her outspoken support of Shauna Clark, "who was also a victim of Mr. Cannon," the suit says.

A suit filed by Shauna Clark because of Cannon's alleged harassment was settled for more than $30,000.

Cannon pleaded no contest to reduced charges of assault in connection with the original forcible sexual abuse charge, involving Clark and Sauers.

The latest suit claims Sauers suffered discrimination because she was a whistle blower.

"Mr. Cannon was making extremely sexual comments to me and actually coming on to me especially starting in July 1986," the suit claims.

The suit says Cannon made an effort to look down her blouse while she was sitting. She says that in September 1986, Cannon came up behind her while she was sitting at a computer terminal and rubbed against her shoulder.

"I moved away and then observed him go over behind Shauna Clark and stand close to her in the same manner," the suit says.

She was transferred out of the office where she was working on Sept. 19, 1986, and was called to testify against Cannon before a grand jury on Sept. 30, 1986, the suit says.

It says that Yocom told her mother, Dorothy Tueller, who has known Yocom for more than 20 years, that he was angry with the plaintiff because she and Clark were scheduled in February 1987 to speak before the Utah Women's Political Caucus about sexual harassment.

After Sauers was fired she went before the Career Service Council, but it refused to reinstate her.

The suit asks that she be reinstated as a secretary in any Salt Lake County government department. It also asks for back pay and the purging of any negative documents from her personnel file.