Kiana Hooker, recently crowned Miss Provo 1988, has a story to tell - not about her long hours of preparation for the Miss Provo Scholarship Pageant, but about how she got her name.

Kiana, pronounced like Diana with a "K," is the daughter of Dr. Keith and Phyllis Hooker, Provo. In August 1970 the Hookers lived in Kotzebue, Alaska.Hooker treated tuberculosis patients who lived in out-of-the-way villages in the northern tundra.

"He would fly his Supercub plane over the tundra to the remote villages on many occasions," Kiana said. "One day he took my mother, who was nine months pregnant, with him to some of the villages."

But they didn't make it to the villages. "Their plane crashed in a river about 100 miles north of Kotzebue," Kiana said.

Kiana's father had survival equipment in the back of his plane and he was able to get himself and his wife to safety.

"After about six hours, people in the village realized that something was wrong and they sent out rescue teams to search for my parents," Kiana said.

"A man from the village of Kiana, an Eskimo, flew over the crash site and saw the plane, which he thought was an island. That confused him, because he knew there wasn't any island in the river, so he flew lower to see what it was. It was my parents.

"A couple of days later, Aug. 15, my father delivered a girl - me."

Kiana's mother was so grateful for the help she had received in the village she named her new daughter after it.

"Kiana in Eskimo literally means `where the two rivers meet,' like a junction," she said.

The Eskimo women were very touched that Kiana's mother would choose to name her child after their village. Her mother received numerous letters from the natives.

"Calling me Kiana would be like us calling one of our daughters Spanish Fork," she said. "The women really liked it and began calling many of their own children Kiana."

The Hooker family moved from Alaska when Kiana was just a little girl, but she will always carry a remembrance of that state with her.

"It's an unusual name, but it makes a wonderful conversation piece," the new Miss Provo chuckled.