Genealogists say George Bush is a 13th cousin twice removed of England's Queen Elizabeth II and that the vice president's royal blood may help him in his White House bid.

"In the past, the candidate with the most royal blood has usually won," Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of genealogy specialists Burke's Peerage, contended Monday.The Burke's Peerage research was conducted by genealogists Roger Power and William Ward. Brooks-Baker said Bush's genealogical chart was traced without a gap to the 15th century.

"Vice President George Bush is connected to more imperial, royal and noble houses than any president of the United States, including the previous holder of the title `most royal,' George Washington," Brooks-Baker said.

Bush's family tree includes the sister of King Henry VIII of England and Barbara Villiers, a mistress of Charles II.

The research on Bush found that:

-Princess Diana is a 13th cousin four times removed.

-Queen Elizabeth II is a 13th cousin twice removed.

-Bush is a direct descendant of King Henry III.

"Most great American presidents were of royal descent, but their trees were narrow compared to Mr. Bush," Brooks-Baker said. "These presidents included George Washington (Edward I), Thomas Jefferson (Edward I), William Henry Harrison (Henry III), Ulysses S. Grant (Byzantine nobility) and Richard Nixon (Edward III)."

He said Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt were descended from Dutch nobility; Jimmy Carter has ties to noble Scottish and English families, and President Reagan descends directly from 11th-century Irish king Brian Boru.