Six years ago, then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Steve Young tried to explain to "60 Minutes" host Mike Wallace what it's like to be 34, single and LDS.

"You want to talk about the pressure I feel?" Young asked Wallace. "Brigham Young once said . . . that anyone over 27 years of age that's not married is a menace to society. So here's my (great-great-great) grandfather telling me 'get with it.' You don't think I feel the pressure? I guarantee it."

The "menace to society" (sometimes "menace to community") caution is quoted frequently, often by BYU co-eds, according to According to the Web site's author, "I've heard this quote several times over the years, and each time I hear it the 'menace' age is changed to fit the situation. I've heard every age from 22 to 30. . . . It turns out the quote may not be true at all."