There is an old bit of history being repeated in West C. Hammond's letter to this column on Tuesday, Dec. 2. On Oct. 27, 1838, Lilburn Boggs, governor of Missouri, said almost the very same words as Mr. Hammond is now saying.

But I have to ask Mr. Hammond this question. Before the Mormons came to the Utah Territory, it was totally desert, and there was a remark made by Jim Bridger that no one could possibly live in the Utah area. But the Mormons proved that they could live here by making the Salt Lake Valley "bloom like a rose."

Mr. Hammond, would you like to move into a dry area, such as the Nevada deserts are now, and could you make it into a beautiful city such as Salt Lake City is now? Or would you be like Mr. Bridger and declare that nothing could grow there? You should be grateful for what the Mormons have done for you and everyone else in this valley.

Iola M. Headlee