CENTRALIA, Wash. — Damon Stoudamire and Rasheed Wallace of the Portland Trail Blazers were cited for possessing a small amount of marijuana after the car they were in was stopped for speeding early Friday.

Washington State Patrol Lt. Marty Butler said the players and the driver of the car were ticketed just after midnight. The car was stopped about midway between Seattle and Portland.

The three will have to appear in Lewis County District Court to answer the misdemeanor charges.

Sgt. Rob Huss stopped the car for going 84 mph in a 70 mph zone, Butler said. Huss smelled marijuana and seized less than 40 grams of the drug, according to Butler. After the tickets were issued, the three men continued on their way.

The players were returning to Portland after the Trail Blazers beat the Seattle SuperSonics 89-85 Thursday night in Seattle. Wallace scored 13 points. Stoudamire did not play.

In February, police entered Stoudamire's home and said they found a pound of marijuana. In May, Stoudamire and his father were charged with marijuana possession in Oregon.