Certain lots of ipecac syrup have been recalled by the federal Food and Drug Administration, and the Utah Board of Pharmacy is asking anyone who's received the syrup to return it.

The syrup is an over the counter drug used to induce vomiting. During the summer months, when children are more active and the chances for swallowing something harmful increase, parents are more likely to administer it to their children.The warning of the Utah Board of Pharmacy is, "Don't."

So far no accidents have been reported in Utah, but the danger of that happening is real, said Mark Johnson, chairman of the Utah Board of Pharmacy.

"Our goal is to prevent accidents from happening. Because of the wide distribution in emergency and first aid kits in the state, we urge everyone to check their kits along with their cupboards for the presence of either Humco or Brite-Life brands of ipecac syrup."

The tainted syrup has been dispensed from pharmacies throughout the nation, including Utah, where it may have been distributed in emergency kits and at health fairs and poison prevention weeks - for free.

Johnson said the bottles labeled Humco ipecac syrup may contain eucalyptus oil that can be fatal if ingested in quantities as small as a teaspoonful. Brite-life labeled ipecac syrup may contain iodine.

"Humco will accept returns of all lot numbers," said Brenda Marshall, spokeswoman for Humco Labs. "Purchasers may return the product directly to Humco or a pharmacy."

The Utah Board of Pharmacy requests the cooperation of all pharmacists in the state in this important health safety measure.

For further information, contact Johnson at Mountain View Hospital, 1000 E. Highway 6, Payson, Ut., or call 465-9201 or 423-1203.