It almost had to happen.

Anytime something is successful there are bound to be copies. Like Crocodile Dundee II. And all those Rambo movies.It even happened to the two-month-old, $300,000 advertising campaign by the Utah Economic Development Corp. "Utah A pretty, great state."

Rick Davis, president of the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau, thought the advertising campaign, designed to get Utahns to feel better about their state, was a good idea. So he decided to take the campaign a step further and applied it to Salt Lake City.

He had printed 500 badges at 50 cents each with the logo "Salt Lake A great & pretty place!" He used the same colors of light blue, light green, white, rose and tan.

"It was all my idea," Davis said. "I started with only 500 badges because I wanted to see what response I would get. The response has been terrific and our staff members have been wearing badges for several days."

Davis said many people thought the idea was so good they have purchased the badges for 50 cents each to distribute outside the state.

Davis and Truman Clawson, bureau chairman, say the replacement of the ampersand for the a comma between "great" and "pretty" has no significance. Some people have criticized the UEDC campaign because the word "pretty" comes before "great" and they don't notice the comma. But advertising officials said both words modify the noun "Utah."