A man who lost 11 family members when a U.S. warship blew an Iranian jetliner out of the sky was so upset that he banged his head repeatedly against the walls of an Iran Air office, a witness said.

The man, who owns a supermarket in Dubai near the Iran Air office, had eight children, his wife, her brother and his wife on the plane.He was among dozens of people who crowded the office in Dubai on Sunday, clamoring for information.

"The man just went out of his mind, going from pillar to post and banging his head," said a witness reached by telephone in the United Arab Emirates. "He has lost his mind."

The witness, a shipping executive in the bustling port of Dubai, spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Iranian man owns a supermarket called Hormuz, which is not far from the Iran Air office, the witness said.

He said the supermarket owner came in earlier Sunday morning to deliver bottled water and soft drinks while the office was monitoring the radio for news of the crash.

"Who would have thought that man was going to be in such grief just a few hours later? I couldn't bear the sight," said the executive.

Pakistan's military attache to Iran, Capt. Munir Ashad, his wife and two children were among the dead, a Pakistan government spokesman said Monday.

President Zia ul-Haq called the downing an "unpardonable deed" and said it underscores "the need for all outside forces in the gulf to de-escalate their activities and to desist from acts which lead to further aggravation of tensions in the region and intensification of the Iran-Iraq war."