The Iran Air plane that the U.S. Navy shot down was one of 243 A300s built by Airbus Industries and still in service with airlines worldwide, an Airbus spokesman said.

The wide-bodied A300 was the first aircraft put into service by the European consortium in 1975 and is still the most widely used Airbus plane. The Iran Air jet was an A300 B2 model delivered to the airline in April 1982, said the manufacturer's director of communications, Robert Alizart.It had recorded 11,448 hours in flight and 8,757 takeoffs and landings, he said. The plane was one of six A300s Iran Air was operating, all the B2 version. In different seating configurations, the A300's capacity can range up to about 300 passengers. The A300 has a range of about 2,500 miles.

One of the newest Airbus aircraft, an Air France A320, crashed June 26 while flying low over at an air show near Mulhouse in eastern France, killing three people.