The Fourth of July may still be a day away, but the citizens of South Salt Lake are already celebrating. In conjunction with its Golden Summer Celebration and the Fourth of July, South Salt Lake held its annual Children's Parade Saturday morning.

More than 200 children and adults, dressed in clown suits, Uncle Sam outfits and unique costumes, gathered at the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School to line up for the big event. While anxious parents and parade officials tried to register and organize the entries, the children sang patriotic hymns off-key and whined that their costumes were too hot.Entries were divided into categories such as organizations, bicycle decorating, clowns and miscellaneous. Each category was judged separately and awards were handed out at the end of the parade.

The most popular category was the bike and "big wheel" category. More than 100 children, ranging from about 2 to 14 years, entered decorated bicycles and big wheels in the parade. Decorations included red-white-and-blue crepe paper, American flags and horns. Others had stuffed animals tied onto the handlebars, or dragged bells behind them.

The miscellaneous category was the biggest crowd-pleaser. Children and adults showed up dressed up in costumes of their own creation. One boy came dressed as a sailor in a huge cardboard boat. Another tot sat surrounded by stuffed animals in a cage built on a wagon bed. An elderly man and his wife came dressed as clowns with pinwheel antennas and big noses.

There were also plenty of road exhibits, including floats, a 3-foot-long electric car, an old-fashioned fire engine and an old wagon full of children. Several politicians, including Gov. Norm Bangerter - who showed up dressed in blue jeans, a western shirt, boots and a cowboy hat - and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted L. Wilson also joined in the parade.

The parade traveled down several South Salt Lake streets and ended at Duck Park, where a carnival was held.