Eight tons of TNT in military warehouses exploded, blowing the windows out of more than 250 homes, shops and schools in the latest of a string of accidents with explosives, the newspaper Izvestia said Saturday.

The main evening newspaper in the country said the blast last Wednesday night caused injuries from flying glass but there were no deaths.It occurred in an area used by an anti-aircraft unit five miles south of the Soviet far east port of Khabarovsk, 3,800 miles east of Moscow, and a defense ministry commission was investigating the cause.

"Some eight tons of trinitrotoluene kept in military warehouses blew up," Marshal Sergei Akhromeyev, head of the Soviet general staff, told Izvestia. He did not say how many warehouses were involved.

"Some people were wounded. Most of them were cut by the glass blown out of windows by the blast," Akhromeyev said. "No serious damage was reported. At present army units and the local population are eliminating the consequences of the accident."