A man who died of burns after saving his 4-year-old daughter from a blazing cabin was among 20 people honored Thursday by an organization founded by industrialist Andrew Carnegie to recognize heroism.

Maxwell Machmer was the only one of the recipients honored by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission who died from injuries received while helping others.Marina Machmer was sleeping in a small wooden cabin in Canada's remote Northwest Territories on Aug. 5, 1986, when the fire erupted. Her father and several other people escaped as the fast-moving flames engulfed the structure.

Machmer, realizing Marina was inside, brought her out. Both were severely burned. The girl was hospitalized for five months. Machmer, 34, died the following day, before help arrived.

The awards bring to 7,238 the number of people who have received the Carnegie Medal since the fund's inception in 1904. The commission has awarded $17.3 million in one-time grants and pensions to survivors over the last 84 years.

The commission described the other rescues as follows:

James M. Davidson III, 18, of Curlew, Wash., dived into the cold, swollen Kettle River April 28, 1987, and rescued Pauline Demoskoff, 60, as she floated downstream following an auto accident.

- Ollie J. Hightower, 39, and Samuel J. Ranallo Jr., 31, both of Pittsburgh, jumped onto the hood of a burning car and kicked a hole in the windshield, through which they pulled Glenn F. Iacono, 29, shortly before flames engulfed the wrecked car.

- Edwin Ortiz, 30, of New York, and another man jumped onto a subway track Sept. 4 and rolled into a narrow space under the platform with Alex Cumba, 23, who was unconscious after falling, moments before a train passed.

- Edward J. McDonald, 53, of Mar Lin, Pa., pulled Albert A. Akulauckas, 80, from his car as gasoline burned behind the vehicle after a collision with service station pumps July 15.

- Joseph P. Jackson, 13, of Arvonia, Va., pulled his mother from the driver's seat through the passenger window of their car after it fell from a bridge into Raldolph Creek June 26, 1987. Jackson took his mother to the bank, returned to the submerged vehicle, cleared a path through cargo and pulled 9-year-old William D. Flint, from the spot where he was trapped.

- Christopher Strickland, 17, of Charleston, S.C., and Steven Ray, 16, of Johns Island, S.C., swam 200 feet into the Atlantic Ocean Aug. 13 to reach Shannon L. Holloway, 11, who was shouting, and her father Jerry C. Holloway, 34, who was unconscious. Strickland swam against a seaward current with Shannon on his shoulders, handing her off to others when he developed cramps. Ray towed Holloway to shore, where he couldn't be revived.

- Passer-by James H. Newby, 45, of Louisville, Tenn., twice entered a burning mobile home, rescuing Sarah L. Cunningham, 17, and Timothy R. Cunningham, 10. All three recovered from burns.

- Police Officer Russell S. Wilde, 21, restaurant manager Christopher J. Laurent, 22, both of Cranford, N.J., and Ben V. Mirto, 23, a chef from Northford, Conn., swam 300 feet into the Atlantic Ocean to help save Amy Meissner, 11, and her sister Bonnie, 18, who were pulled out by an undertow during an ebb tide at Skip Bottom, N.J., June 25, 1987.

- James W. Potter, 31, a farmer from Oneonta, N.Y., and Davis B. Conley of Otega, N.Y., pulled Robert M. Wilday, 58, from his burning tractor-trailer moments before the flames engulfed it Aug. 2.

- John R. Boyes Jr., 39, a teacher from Vancouver, Wash., swam into the Pacific Ocean July 31 to help pull Christine M. Reves, 19, to shore through a strong current.

- Jessie J. Knowles Jr., 32, of Nashville, Tenn., manuevered his newspaper delivery truck in front of a runaway truck whose driver was slumped over the steering wheel. Knowles let the runaway ram him, then braked both vehicles to a stop along a heavily traveled interstate highway. The other driver could not be revived.

- Danny R. Heaton, 28, of Tacopma, Wash., sustained a fractured skull and third-degree burns over a third of his body in helping rescue a man whose clothes caught fire at an electrical substation June 27, 1987. Both recovered.

- Passer-by Richard L. Michaud Jr., 24, of Pinellas Park, Fla., ran beside a wrecked car as the driverless vehicle accelerated backwards in tight circles. He reached inside and retrieved Nykia Baldwin, 4.

- Retired railroadman Albert C. Lundy, 69, entered a burning home in Virginia Beach, Va., May 12, 1987, and carried Leonard I. Cooper, 2, through a bedroom window to safety. Both recovered from burns. Lundy, uncle of Ada L. Logan of Virginia Beach, later died.