The biggest surprise in the latest Arbitron "Spring" ratings for morning shows is that "Bob and Tom," a syndicated program on KBER, is now the No. 1 choice among adults 25-54.

Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold, from Indianapolis, have an 8.3 percent share rating, which beats both KSFI and KSL. That's never happened before in this age group. The show, which includes a lot of gross and "R-rated" material, started on KBER (FM-101.1) in January 1998. The show includes regulars Kristi Lee and Chick McGee.

What this translates to among adults is that "Bob and Tom" have an average of 12,200 listeners at any given moment between 6-10 a.m. — more than any other station in the age group — and 43,500 total daily listeners.

However, "Grant and Amanda" of KSL have more total daily listeners at 78,000, followed by "Dain and Peggy" of KSFI at 74,000. Five other stations also beat "Bob and Tom" in total listeners but not "any-time" averages.

The "Radio From Hell" show (Kerry, Bill and Gina) on KXRK (FM-96.3) remains tops in the age 18-34 category, followed by "The Z-Morning Zoo" ("Frankie C., Danger Boy and Angie) on KZHT and "Bob and Tom."

For the age 12-plus listening category, "Grant and Amanda" of KSL (AM-1160) continues to be first, followed by "Dain and Peggy" of KSFI and "Bob and Tom."

And, for the first time in KBZN's 12-year history, the morning show on "The Breeze" (FM-97.9) with Kelly Monson has cracked the top 10 with a 3.6 share among adults, 25-54.

Bob Lonsberry of AM-570, who does most of his Utah shows from Rochester, N.Y., tied for eighth among adult listeners in the morning, another significant improvement.

Here's a quick-read listing of the top morning shows:

Age 12-plus, 6-10 a.m. weekdays — 1. "Grant and Amanda," KSL (9.0 percent); 2. "Dain and Peggy," KSFI (8.0); 3. "Bob and Tom," (syndicated show) KBER (6.0); 4. "Radio from Hell," KXRK (5.6 percent); 5. "Z-Morning Zoo," KZHT (4.3); 6. Jon Carter, KRSP (4.1); 7. "County Joe" and Dick Jacobson, KSOP (4.0); 8. "Johnson and Johnson," KUBL (3.8); 9. "Jimmy Chunga and Mister," KENZ (3.7); 10. Dickie and Angel Shannon, KODJ (3.5).

Ages 18-34, 6-10 a.m. weekdays 1. "Radio from Hell," KXRK (12.9 percent); 2. "Z-Morning Zoo," KZHT (10.9); 3. "Bob and Tom," KBER (8.5); 4. "Dain and Peggy," KSFI (7.0); 5. "Johnson and Johnson," KUBL (6.1).

6. "Fisher and Laura," KQMB (5.7); 7. Jason Jones, KUUU (5.0); 8. (tie) "Jimmy Chunga and Mister," KENZ and "Tim and Willey," (syndicated), KKAT (3.8); 10. (tie) "Woody" of KCPX and "Mick and the Chinaman," KURR (3.3).

Ages 25-54, 6-10 a.m. weekdays 1. "Bob and Tom," KBER (8.3 percent); 2. "Dain and Peggy," KSFI (7.1); 3. "Grant and Amanda," KSL (6.9); 4. Jon Carter, KRSP (6.6); 5. "Jimmy Chunga and Mister," KENZ (5.1).

6. (tie) Dickie and Angel Shannon, KODJ and "Radio from Hell," KXRK (5.0); 8. (tie) "Todd and Erin," KBEE, Bob Lonsberry, KNRS, and Kelly Monson, KBZN, (3.6).

RADIO HAPPENINGS — Shawn Stevens, most recently of KKAT, has been hired for afternoon-drive music host (3-7 p.m.) and production director on KBZN, FM 97.9, "The Breeze." He replaces Diane Maggipinto.

— "3 on 3 Live Basketball," sponsored by Millcreek Broadcasting ("U-92," "The Blaze," "Power 107.9," "Mad Dog 103.9" and KOVO Sports 960), will be held Aug. 8-10 at Fashion Place Mall; entry forms are available at the mall's Foot Locker store.

— Dead Air — KLO (AM-1430), Ogden, was off the air for some five hours on the night of Aug. 2. KJQN (FM-100.7/FM-103.1) was likewise silent for a considerable time last weekend, as was KWLW (AM-700).