The East High School Class of '49 wants to find its 180 lost members. Most of the missing have moved in the past 10 years and have unlisted telephone numbers or are women whose last names have changed because of marriage.

The 40th reunion, scheduled for June 16-17, 1989, will include parties, dinners, dancing, golf, tennis, an assembly and an updated yearbook.Committee members are Brett Paulsen, Judy Jardine, Judy Branham, Barbara Burgesen, Binny King, Reuel Ware, Allen Kimball, Lowell Christensen, Scott Flandro, Dottie Price, William Paul, Ardith Severson and Elizabeth Schoenfeld.

Those who think they may be on the missing list or who would like to serve on a committee should contact Robert Stayner, 381 E. Third South, Salt Lake City, 84102.