Many Wayne County residents want to see the old Wayne High School rock building used in the district's education program, but state school officials probably won't let that happen.

The building has been condemned by the state fire marshal. A new high school was built, but there has been increased enrollment and a need for more building space.A contract was recently signed for an evaluation of the old high school building to find out the cost to renovate it to meet the state fire requirements. This includes structural characteristics, architectural elements and mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

"The state Office of Education has indicated that they (officials) will not approve any plans the district might submit for remodeling the old high school building," members of the Wayne Board of Education were told by Superintendent Robert Painter.

Members of the Wayne Education Association support razing the old building if studies show it can't be restored.

In a letter to the board they say the district should establish long-term goals and set priorities with regard to physical facilities in the district. If the old high school isn't suitable for renovation, a new classroom facility should be built on the site and an auditorium added to the new high school, it says.

The old building has long been a center of controversy. Many school patrons have wanted district officials to remodel the school and continue using it. That was part of the issue during two bond elections.

Voters turned down the first proposed bond issue to restore it but passed it the second time around.