Sasha Konietzko disbanded KMFDM in 1999 because it wasn't fun. He formed a new band in 2000 and christened it MDFMK. When he dismantled that band, he looked around and found he could bring back KMFDM.

"It's fun again," Konietzko said with a laugh during a telephone interview from Seattle.

KMFDM — made up of core members vocalist/programmer Konietzko, guitarist/programmer Tim Skold, bassist Raymond Watts, multi-instrumentalist Bill Rieflin and vocalist Lucia Cifarelli — will perform at Club Xscape, 115 S. West Temple, on Tuesday, July 2. Doors open at 7 p.m. Also taking the stage will be Pig, 16 Vault and Kidney Thieves.

Konietzko began toying around with the idea of reassembling KMFDM because of all the e-mails he received. "Once we pulled the plug on MDFMK, the floodgates opened," he said. "You wouldn't believe all the requests I got to get KMFDM back together."

After some soul searching, Konietzko decided to do it. "I talked with the usual KMFDM suspects to see if they were interested," he said. "And what we came up with was something better than what we had before."

As most KMFDM fans know, the last two albums weren't up to the level that Konietzko wanted. "I listened to the 'Symbols' album and heard exactly why KMFDM broke up in the first place," he said. "It told me the story of what went wrong. There were maybe two (good) songs on that album and the others were just a bunch of compromising tug-of-wars. That was something I was not going to do again."

This time around, KMFDM — which is an acronym for Kein Mehrheit fur die Mitleid (No pity for the majority) — is back with a new, sleek album called "Attak."

"I called it 'Attak' because it captured in a single word what all went into regrouping this band," Konietzko said, adding that it was a bit unnerving to bring the industrial angst back, although the debut album for MDFMK leaned a bit in that direction. "I had to make a decision whether or not to open up myself to that sort of thing again. I had almost exorcised KMFDM from my body. I didn't know if I wanted to become Mr. KMFDM again.

"Because once I made the decision to do it again, then that's all people would know me as, and that situation wouldn't leave room for me to do anything else. But once it started happening, it became a very satisfying move."

Konietzko said all the strife and differences that plagued the band toward the last years of the past century have come to an end. "With 'Attak,' the band feels like what it was in the beginning. Not only is it fun again, but it's devoid of all the personal confrontations due to egos and fractions that were once a part of the band."

With that refreshed outlook, however, Konietzko said his goals for KMFDM haven't changed. "I still want to make music that other people don't," he said with another laugh. "Obviously, if you take a break, you let time go by, but you keep evolving. We all had our little detours and that little MDFMK adventure, but now it seems better than before."

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