Map and photos of area presidencies


1. Utah North

Cree-L Kofford President

Monte J. Brough First Counselor

Merrill C. Oaks Second Counselor

2. Utah South

John H. Groberg President

W. Rolfe Kerr First Counselor

Ned B. Roueche Second Counselor

3. Idaho

*C. Scott Grow President

*D. Rex Gerratt First Counselor

*Ronald L. Loveland Second Counselor

4. North America Northwest

Quentin L. Cook President

William R. Bradford First Counselor

Stephen A. West Second Counselor

5. North America West

Lynn G. Robbins President

Duane B. Gerrard First Counselor

Val R. Christensen Second Counselor

6. North America Central

Donald L. Staheli President

Bruce C. Hafen First Counselor

Lynn A. Mickelsen Second Counselor

7. North America Northeast

Spencer J. Condie President

Glen L. Pace First Counselor

H. Bryan Richards Second Counselor

8. North America East

Dale E. Miller President

J. Kent Jolley First Counselor

Gordon T. Watts Second Counselor

9. North America Southeast

Gene R. Cook President

Keith Crockett First Counselor

H. Aldredge Gillespie Second Counselor

10. North America Southwest

F. Burton Howard President

H. Bruce Stucki First Counselor

Stephen B. Oveson Second Counselor

11. Mexico North

Gary J. Coleman President

Robert Whetten First Counselor

*Adrian Ochoa Second Counselor

12. Mexico South

Richard H. Winkel President

Armando Gaona First Counselor

*Benjammin De Hoyos Second Counselor

13. Central America

*Enrique R. Falabella President

*Julio E. Alvarado First Counselor

*E. Israel Perez Second Counselor

14. South America North

Claudio R. M. Costa President

Walter F. Gonzalez First Counselor

*Roberto Garcia Second Counselor

15. Brazil North

Adhemar Damiani President

Robert R. Steuer First Counselor

*Pedro J. Penha Second Counselor

16. Brazil South

Neil L. Andersen President

Darwin B. Christenson First Counselor

*Paulo R. Grahl Second Counselor

17. South America West

David R. Stone President

Carlos H. Amado First Counselor

*Willy F. Zuzunaga Second Counselor

18. South America South

Jay E. Jensen President

L Whitney Clayton First Counselor

*Carlos E. Aguero Second Counselor

19. Chile

Jeffrey R. Holland President

Francisco J. Vias First Counselor

Carl B. Pratt Second Counselor

20. Europe Central

D. Lee Tobler President

Ronald A. Rasband First Counselor

Marlin K. Jensen Second Counselor

21. Europe West

Harold G. Hillam President

Wayne S. Peterson First Counselor

W. Craig Zwick Second Counselor

22. Europe East

Douglas L. Callister President

Keith K. Hilbig First Counselor

Robert F. Orton Second Counselor

23. Africa West

Sheldon F. Child President

H. Ross Workman First Counselor

R. Conrad Schultz Second Counselor

24. Africa Southeast

Robert C. Oaks President

Steven E. Snow First Counselor

*David J. Barnett Second Counselor

25. Asia North

Donald L. Hallstrom President

Yoshihiko Kikuchi First Counselor

*Gary Matsuda Second Counselor

26. Asia

John B. Dickson President

E. Ray Bateman First Counselor

*D. Allen Andersen Second Counselor

27. Philippines

Dallin H. Oaks President

Angel Abrea First Counselor

Richard J. Maynes Second Counselor

28. Pacific Islands

Ronald T. Halverson President

Robert K. Dellenbach First Counselor

Dennis E. Simmons Second Counselor

29. Australia/New Zealand

Kenneth Johnson President

John M. Madsen First Counselor

*Lindsay T. Dil Second Counselor

* Area Authority Seventy