Little Richard will take on his first regular TV role as the host of a weekly music and comedy series in the fall.

The long-time rock 'n' roller's new syndicated program is called "The Colors of Success," and is scheduled to debut nationally Sept. 12. It will co-star Ted Lange, perhaps best known as "The Love Boat" bartender, and Chip Fields, who appreared as Richard Pryor's wife in the film "Blue Collar."Executive producers Reuben Cannon and Barry Handerson announced Monday that the show combine's musical performance in a live setting with situation comedy.

Little Richard will act as the host and master of ceremonies at a nightclub owned by a divorced couple (Lange and Miss Fields).

The TV show is based on an off-Broadway play called "The Rhythm and The Blues," staged in 1982 and created by Hankerson.

Little Richard, who sold more than 32 million records before 1968, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year. He appeared in the film "Down and Out in Beverly Hills" and will soon co-star with Vanna White in the NBC television movie "The Goddess of Love."