Manuel O. Chavez has been incarcerated at the Utah State Prison since he was 15 years old.

"I came in here pretty young. I've practically grown up here," he told the Utah Board of Pardons, trying to persuade them to award him a parole date.The 20-year-old is serving a 1-to-15-year sentence for a 1983 rape of a young woman.

"I just ask that you give me a chance. Put your trust in me," he said.

But the board denied his request for parole for the third time in five years and set another "long rehearing" for December 1991. Board member Gary Webster told Chavez he has done nothing to show he is no longer a risk to society.

"I'm still disturbed that you've not availed yourself of sex therapy. That was a violent crime," he said. "You haven't had any sex therapy since you've been here."

Webster also cited two disciplinary actions taken against Chavez during the past year at the prison - possession of marijuana and possession of syringes.

"What concerns me it that these two disciplinaries came at the end of your involvement in the mastery (substance abuse) program," said Webster.

Chavez told the board he needs a parole date set in order to motivate him, but board member Victoria Palacios disagreed.

"You're unclear on the concept," she said. "There is no go-now, pay-later plan here."

Webster added, "I'm not willing to set a parole date until I can see you're willing to deal with the issues that got you here in the first place.

"The ball is in your court," he said.