The history of Joseph Smith is "a demonstration of trust in the promises of the Lord and a source of joy and certainty for all those who believe."

Five principles may be found in the recounting of his supplication to God in the Sacred Grove.

"Have a desire to know the truth. Joseph Smith had an intense desire to know God and to do his will. You can have that same desire and God himself can lead you to the truth.

"Learn the importance of reading the scriptures. Joseph Smith knew them because he studied them. . . . During his short ministry, he received many important revelations which were the result of reading the scriptures. You need to study them in order to come to know God, who is the source of all truth.

"Learn the value of prayer. Our Heavenly Father, as a perfect father, knows all your spiritual and material needs and wants to bless you, which is why he has given you the commandment to seek him and ask him.

"Discover the blessing of meditation. Joseph Smith meditated often; he thought, analyzed, compared. He tried to find answers to what he read in the scriptures. To meditate about eternal truths is to think and to ask ourselves over and over, 'How can I know? How have others come to know?'

"Experience the joy of going to church. We go to church to feel the spirit, learn his doctrine, renew our covenants and receive the ordinances of salvation and exaltation to return to the presence of God with our families. . . . Only those who seek with real intent will receive their answer as a gift from God."