Michael J. Fox says he's pulled out of the fast lane to enjoy a quieter life with actress Tracy Pollan.

"I definitely feel real settling going on- almost on every level," said Fox. "In my personal life, I'm just calming down and really enjoying building a life outside work...And on the work level, I'm not freaking out about things."Fox denied reports that he'll marry in May, but he and Pollan have bought a home.

The two became friends while playing a couple on television's "Family Ties."

"I was goofing around at that point in my life. I was a little more prone to stay out late and drive fast and work hard," said Fox. "I hope I wasn't a jerk. But if I was, I have a sneaking suspicion that not many people were going to tell me I was."

One exception, he said, was Pollan. "We got along really well, but if I was a jerk, she just went, "That was a really particularly stupid thing to do." And I just went, "Wow!" That's great!"

After Pollan left the show for other projects, the romance developed.