The Utah Society of the American Institute of Architects has recently presented it's annual awards for excellence in architecture and the allied design professions.

Entries in the categories of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Planning were juried by John Belle, FAIA, RIBA of New York City, and Raymond Kappe, FAIA of Los Angeles.Color specialist and lecturer Anna Bliss, ASID, Salt Lake City, led the visiting jurors in the review of entries in the category of Interior Design.

Awards for architecture:

Honor award: House Studio, Summit Park, Utah. Owner and architect: John Sugden, FAIA.

Jury comments: "It is refreshing to see such a clear, direct design statement. This house is a very sophisticated insertion into the landscape. Formal and deliberate, with the integration of the interiors into the envelope of the building very well done, it is a design statement you can accept because it is so beautifully carried out. One knows immediately, looking at the plan that this is a home for two adults who are very clear about direction and lifestyle.

Honor award: The Cliff Lodge Addition, Snowbird, Utah. Owner: Snowbird, Ltd. Richard D. Bass. Architects: FFKR Architects/Planners. Contractor: Oakland Construction.

Jury comments: "An architect can either make a bulding addition of this size by making a `big footprint' or by boldly accepting the scale of the landscape. Fortunately, the designer of the Cliff Lodge chose the latter approach and did so very successfully. The building adds to the slope of the land behind it and then turns the corner of the valley, relating to the valley and echoing the canyon walls. The treatment of the atrium including the details such as the granite spandrels outside and the wood lattice ceiling inside, creates a place you want to be in. The curtain wall is at once dramatic and inviting. This is an excellent solution to the problem of fitting a great amount of space into a dramatic landscape."

Merit award: St. Vincent De Paul Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. Owner: The Catholic Diocese of Utah. Architects: Gillies/Stransky/Brems. Contractor: Howa Construction.

Jury comments: "A very humble building, but a building done very clearly to meet important utilitarian needs of the community. Even though all of the materials are extremely inexpensive it was done in a warm and compassionate way. When you look at the building and the people in it, it is `user friendly.'"

Other merit awards:

- HUD Low Income Housing Project

Boyd A. Blackner, FAIA and Associates

Steven A. England, AIA. Architects

Prowsewood Ltd. Construction

- Wellman/Whitfield House

Gilles/Stransky/Brems Architects

Allred Construction

- The Peery Hotel

Niels E. Valentiner and Associates Architect

Kerbs Construction

- Spectrum Addition, Utah State University

Burke Cartwright, Edwards and Daniels Architects

Fackrell Construction

- Newman Center at the University of Utah

The Collaborative Architects Group, Robert W. Murdock Jr. AIA principal and Michael W. DeCarlo, Project Architect.

Cameron & Company, Contractor

Awards for interior design:

- Market Street Broiler

M. Louis Ulrich, AIA, Designer

Hogan Brothers Construction

- The Offices of Peat Marwich Main

Kier Pollard John Architects and Planners

Christiansen Brothers, Contractor

- The Lodge at Snowbird Remodel

Richard L. Peterson, ASID, Designer

Keller Construction

Award for landscape architecture:

- Utah Valley Community College

MGB+A, Leonard Grassli, ASLA

Award for planning:

- Utah Judicial System Master Plan

Gilles/Stransky/Brems in association with Carter Gobel Association, Inc.

Among the many positive comments made on these projects, the jurors said of one, "this building was made better than it was before, through rehabilitation," and of another, "The new restaurant's design uses simple lines, materials and colors to minimize the impact upon the historical nature of the building."

The sensitivity of the professionals in these various projects is appreciated by the people of Utah. Thanks to their uncommon pursuit of excellence, we are rewarded.