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Everyone must finally be aware that Trump and the truth don’t have a very close relationship, but his claim that “we are working harder than many previous administrations, maybe almost all of them” to protect the environment may top all the rest of his lies. It was a sad day in American history for him to stand in the East Room of the White House with oil and coal lobbyists David Bernhardt and Andrew Wheeler to proclaim he cares about air and water quality when they’ve been gutting the laws protecting them.

Greenhouse gases heat our atmosphere and warmer air holds more water so it was particularly ironic that the D.C. skies dumped more rain that same morning than had ever happened before, so much that the White House basement flooded.

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So the science is clear, but what do we do about it? I’ve been working to get Congress to pass the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and will continue to try to get Sens. Lee and Romney and my representative Chris Stewart to cosponsor this legislation to put a price on pollution, but right now we need to hear the issue talked about more. In the last presidential debate, 15 minutes out of four hours were spent talking about this huge crisis. We need an entire debate devoted to this issue so we can hear their plans not soundbites. Time’s running out to mitigate this crisis so now’s the time to talk about policy solutions.

Kevin Leecaster

Salt Lake City