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There is an enormous imbalance in our court system on the subject of justice. There are many U.S. citizens who have lost faith in our justice system. While there are a variety of reasons, one of them is the unevenness in the sentences given in countless court cases.

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An example of this is the current admissions scandal with people like Lori Loughlin, facing many years of incarceration for “going too far” to help her children, and then on the other hand we have many offenders who rape our children and are given probation.

How is it that we are giving probation to men who not only physically harm our children, but also emotionally and spiritually cause long-term devastation, and yet we want to incarcerate parents for “going too far” to obtain a particular college education for their children? This is so wrong, on so many levels. Shouldn’t this be reversed?

Mary Banos

Prosper, Texas