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Letter to the editor

Many conservative voters held their nose to vote for Trump because they believed Hillary was worse. But if we keep supporting him we'll have the same or worse choice in 2020.

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As much as conservative voters may agree with some of Trump’s policy decisions, alternate conservative candidates could do a better job. Trump hasn’t gotten the best and brightest staff as he promised; he can’t even keep his cabinet full. He keeps running into problems with the courts, not because the courts are liberal, but because he doesn’t have a staff that is competent to execute his policies in a way that doesn’t violate the law. He promised to be a skillful negotiator, but all he has done is pander to dictators, alienate U.S. allies, and shut down the government. This is a reality TV president, not a real president.

As long as conservative voters support Trump, the door is closed to a conservative candidate who can actually do the job well. Can we please stop supporting this alleged sexual predator, adulterer, liar and malignant narcissist who doesn’t have the skills to be president? Trump should be eliminated in the GOP primary.

Michael Witting